RIOPY announces fourth album

for Warner Music Group, ‘THRIVE’, ahead of his first UK tour and a feature on Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming album

THRIVE is also a metaphor for RIOPY’s personal journey.

A young RIOPY found solace in music,

improvising on the piano alone as a means to escape the stress and anxiety of the real world. When

he listened to classical music, RIOPY would imagine expansions of the melodies he heard. The album

THRIVE was born from the same process: “One day, I was playing Satie’s famous Gymnopédie and

kept expanding it and from that little seed, THRIVE was born. In taking inspiration from the greatest

classical composers, I wanted to show how I interpret and shape their music in my mind.”

As well as new compositions for solo piano, the album features the composer-pianist’s take on famous music which has most inspired him, including works by Satie, Pachelbel, Beethoven, Fauré, Debussy and Chopin.