Playing piano is a physical and mental need for me. I am always creating music, and when I hear something in my head, I need to get it out and my piano is helping me do that, combining notes until I find the perfect melody. Being named as a Steinway Young Artist early in my career was a great recognition as a pianist.  

I am lucky I got to perform live in wonderful places. There are too many to name but playing at the Royal Opera House in London and The Hollywell music room in Oxford, was an honor. Entertaining fans at the iconic Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and Four Seasons Hotel in the French Riviera brought me fantastic memories.


Performing at sunset in the Puglia’s natural reserve in Italy was just magical. Back home in France, it was very emotional to have the opportunity to play at Theatre des Champs Elysees and Salle Pleyel in Paris.One of my favorite places in the world is actually China. I love performing over there.


I hope you enjoy discovering my albums. Drive and Ukyio are two tracks very special to me that I invite you to discover.


I compose music all the time and my music is often described as oneiric and cinematic. It comes from all the emotions I put into my music that translate into melodies.

Over the years I have worked and partnered with many brands such as Bentley, Steinway & Sons, Mercedes, Ikea, Armani, Peugeot and most recently Ralph Lauren.

I have also composed  for Movie trailers such a The Danish girl, David Copperfield, The Shape of Water, Mr Turner, Murder on the Orient express, Stan and Ollie amongst others.

I also enjoy contributing to various projects like documentaries such a Richard Branson's kodiak Queen or political party directed by Paul Greengrass.


I have a very profound interest in meditation and everything linked to our mental health. I have suffered from serious anxiety and depression at times, like many of us I believe. After trying everything to feel better, I developed an interest in neurosciences, especially how brainwaves are believed to represent the full spectrum of human consciousness. Which eventually led me to discover the benefits of meditation. I have been meditating twice a day ever since which helps me to get more easily to a state of calmness and happiness.

And there are tools to get there too. Binaural beats. These are incredible tools and I ended up making some for myself with my piano.
That’s how I came to creating specific music for Meditation. You can discover Meditation22 for a 22mns practice for instance or for more advanced practice, MED66, available on the CALM app. Meditation 432 is also available on Amazon Music.

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